ROI of 1300% and Revenue of $6000 with Facebook Ads in Just 4 Days!

By Frank Milbourn

The power of Facebook Ads is remarkable! We recently started working with a retail furniture client here on Hilton Head Island. They were referred to us by another client who has had great success with Facebook Ads since we started working with them last year. As with many local businesses our client had relied primarily on print ads in local newspapers and magazines and direct mail campaigns since they set up shop in 1991. And like many businesses they were getting a sense that the old school ways just weren’t driving traffic like they once had. What’s more is they had no statistics or feedback relevant to the success of those methods. Definitely old school. We introduced Facebook Ads to their marketing efforts and BAM…an ROI of 1300% and revenue of $6000 in just 4 days!

‘How we generated an ROI of 1300% and revenue of $6000 with Facebook Ads in just 4 Days!’

Here are the steps we took to implement a local Facebook Ad campaign that generated an ROI of 1300% and revenue of $6000 on an ad spend of just $45 in 4 days!

  1. Determine the goal.
  2. Select a target audience.
  3. Choose a product or offer to promote.
  4. Create the Facebook Ad campaign.
  5. Monitor and evaluate the campaign.
  6. Wait for the phone to ring!


Step 1. Determine The Goal

The goal of our campaign was to generate revenue. Plain and simple! Phone calls, emails, store visits…any activity that would give a salesperson an opportunity to sell product.


Step 2. Select a Target Audience

This client is a local company with a beautiful showroom on Hilton Head Island. No ecommerce here. They primarily serve local homeowners and the vacation rental market. We chose to specifically target men and women aged 25+ who are homeowners in Hilton Head Island, SC and Bluffton, SC as a majority of our clients current and potential customers reside here.



Step 3. Choose a Product or Offer to Promote

This is a critical step in the process. We need to make sure that we offer something that resonates with our target audience. Too often we see businesses promoting products and services that they want to sell! We look at things a bit differently. We prefer to lead with products that customers want to buy! Like bees to honey! We focus on products that translate into the most selling opportunities possible, especially in the pay-per-click environment. In this case our client was offering a substantial factory direct discount on outdoor furniture made from recycled materials. We chose to promote a specific product within that category that was fun, colorful and conveyed a relaxing lifestyle. The Adirondack Chair! Image is everything here, so we used professional photography from the manufacturers catalog of images. We actually used several photographs in this campaign to see which would perform best. More on this later….

Breezesta Adirondack Chairs 3b

Adirondack Chairs


Step 4. Create the Facebook Ad Campaign

Clearly this is where you can make or break the success of any ad campaign! A vast majority of the Facebook Ad work that we do is designed to drive traffic to a website or landing page designed to sell, sell, sell! We’re not in the game for likes or comments or shares…we’re in it for sales dollars! In this case we chose Facebook’s ‘Send people to your website’ ad option as we were driving traffic to our clients landing page which included a more detailed graphic of the special offer.

What is your marketing objective?

In doing so we can track exactly how many people click on the link to the offer being presented and where their clicks originate from i.e. iPhones, iPads, where they live, what browser they use, etc. (We also track website visitors  with ‘cookies’ so that we can remarket to them later, but that’s another topic!)

Facebook Ad Campaign


Step 5. Monitor and Evaluate the Campaign

There is no ‘set it and forget it’ here! Once the campaign is being served by Facebook we monitor it’s progress closely for the first 24 hours and then daily after that looking for trends that we can take advantage of. We’re looking for important statistics like click through rates, cost per click, relevance and engagement. Where is the activity coming from…mobile devices, tablets or desktop. Depending on these results we may wish to redirect ad dollars to certain demographics, devices or ad content. As such, typically one or more of the images selected in the campaign setup process will quickly outperform the others. Once it is determined which ads/images are performing the best we disable the others and ride the winners for the remainder of the campaign’s life cycle.


Step 6. Wait for the Phone to Ring!

And it did! The results here are remarkable! These ads were shown to just over 2,000 people within our target audience of 18,000. Of those, 68 people clicked on the ad to ‘Learn More’ about what was being offered and 4 sales were made totaling more that $6,000. And there are still business owners out there doubting the affect of social media on ROI and revenue!

‘Well I woke up this morning and made coffee and signed on to Facebook and there were my companies adds floating all over the place! I can’t tell you what a great feeling that was.  And they all look AWESOME! I’m very happy! We’ve had lots of calls today about this promotion!’

Are these kind of results your business is looking for? Give us a call! We’d be happy to take an hour or so and chat about what we’ve learned and how it can help you reach your goals. No cost or obligation to you, we just like to engage in conversation relative to your success! Call Frank ‘Bo’ Milbourn at (843) 682-2212 or email [email protected] today!