How We Do Internet Marketing

By Frank Milbourn

33 Park Media deploys web, search, social and email based marketing strategies for brands & businesses. We specialize in brand building in a variety of business-to-consumer market segments including retail, vacation rentals, service providers, restaurants and more. We believe that internet marketing is the core of any modern day marketing plan regardless of your market. We embrace social friendly mediums like photography and video and utilize custom programming solutions where necessary to create brand awareness for your company.

33 Park Media Internet Marketing


Planning and Branding

  • Brand Identity – Who are you?
  • Target Market – Who are they?
  • Positioning – Where are they?
  • Budget – How much are they worth?
  • Key Performance Metric – What to measure?
  • Tracking Analytics – How’s it working?
  • Results (ROI) – How will we know?



  • Branded, responsive (mobile) website
  • On site SEO – Identify keywords
  • Links (incoming & outgoing)
  • Google Analytics (feedback)
  • Webmaster Tools (unleash the search bots)


Search Marketing

  • Google Places Listing (Free)
  • Google Adwords (PPC)
    • Search ads
    • Display ads
    • Custom databases
    • Remarketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (Organic)
    • Keyword research


Social Marketing

  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.
  • Promote brand & communicate (2-way)
  • Engagement & Reputation Management
  • Facebook Ads
    • Highly targeted & relevant demographics
    • Custom databases
    • Remarketing


Email Marketing

  • Data Collection
    • Optins & Deliverables
  • Sales Funnel Automation
    • Welcome email
    • Sales letters
  • Campaigns
    • Promotions
    • Offers

Frank ‘Bo’ Milbourn

Thank you for your interest in 33 Park Media and allowing us to share How We Do Internet Marketing. Our methods have proven to be effective across many industry and business classifications. We offer Consulting and Done-for-You marketing solutions for our clients and would welcome the opportunity to see how your business or brand can harness the power of the internet and participate in the success it can bring.

Give us a call! We’d be happy to take an hour or so and chat about what we’ve learned and how it can help you reach your goals. No cost or obligation to you, we just like to engage in conversation relative to your success! Call (843) 682-2212 or email [email protected] today!