Who We Are

33 Park Media Marketing, formed in 2009, is a team of marketing, retail and graphic arts pros experienced in a wide range of communication channels including organic and pay-per-click search and social and email marketing. We put our collective experience to work putting businesses and brands in front of the right demographic, at the right time, with the right message and watch the magic happen. Of course, one size does not fit all. We develop Build Manage Promote internet based marketing programs for our clients on a case-by-case basis. Bottom line…we put eyeballs on your brand.

Are you getting your share? We can help. Give us a call at (843) 682-2212 or email [email protected] to schedule a no obligation, no strings attached, no BS conversation about your businesses potential!

Frank 'Bo' MilbournFrank ‘Bo’ Milbourn
Managing Partner

Bo is a career entrepreneur and marketing professional. A graduate of Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland, Ohio with a BA in Finance he has founded, built, managed and partnered with scores of businesses across many industries for the past 20 years. An early adopter of internet marketing and e-commerce he continues to implement and manage the latest tools of the trade to help business owners succeed. He lives on Hilton Head Island, SC with his wife Suzanne, 2 boys, Frankie and Thomas and man’s best friends Louis, Clarke and Jefferson.

Quirky factoid: Enjoys statistics
Favorite Word/Phrase: Livin’ the dream
Useless talent: Woodworking
Biggest pet peeve: Senseless interuptions
Never leaves home without: Fire
Irrational phobia: Olives
Favorite holiday character: The Grinch
How fast to hotcakes sell?: They fly

Suzanne PortraitSuzanne Milbourn
More Important Partner

Suzanne is a retail marketing, selling and sourcing aficionado honed from 14+ years experience in the trenches with the Claire’s Boutique jewelry chain. After attending the Rochester Institute of Technology she relocated to the southeast and got busy putting people and products together in the Atlanta and Hilton Head Island markets. She lives on Hilton Head Island, SC with her spectacular husband Frank ‘Bo’, 2 boys, Frankie and Thomas and this woman’s best friends Louis, Clarke and Jefferson.

Quirky factoid: She’s an animal attractant
Favorite Word/Phrase: It’s fine.
Useless talent: Dog training
Biggest pet peeve: Granny driving
Never leaves home without: iPhone
Irrational phobia: Mice
Favorite holiday character: Buddy the Elf
How fast to hotcakes sell?: Plenty fast

Jessica HansenJessica Hansen
Valuable Associate

Jessica is expert in the administration of WordPress, Woocommerce and other e-commerce selling platforms. A graduate of Herkimer County Community College in Herkimer, NY with a degree in photography. As a career graphic arts pro she is adept at photography and visual marketing and brings those skill sets to our team and clients. She lives on Hilton Head Island, SC and spends time exploring the USA and lovin’ on her nephew Smitty.

Quirky factoid: Creates words on the fly
Favorite Word/Phrase: Did you google it?
Useless talent: Gift giving
Biggest pet peeve: Canceling plans
Never leaves home without: Shoes
Irrational phobia: Palmetto bugs
Favorite holiday character: Ghosts
How fast to hotcakes sell?: Just really fast! Faster than cold cakes at least.

Senior Canine Associate

Quirky factoid: Afraid of rain
Favorite Word/Phrase: Woof
Useless talent: Security
Biggest pet peeve: Guests leaving/arriving
Never leaves home without: Mom
Irrational phobia: Guests leaving/arriving
Favorite holiday character: Christmas trees
How fast to hotcakes sell?: Throw this dog a bone!