What We Do

33 Park Media Marketing Builds, Manages and Promotes Businesses and Brands on the Web!

We’ve been promoting businesses via the internet and social media since their inception. We like to call what we do Build, Manage and Promote.  We’ve tried a lot of things, found out what does and does not work and have been sharing and implementing our experiences for each and every client we’re fortunate to have. We focus on three core elements of internet marketing: your website, people looking for you (search) and people who should be looking for you (social). Throw in some data collection and email marketing and we really start to stir things up! We’ve slogged through copious amounts of trial and error, some successes and even some less than desired results. With our experience as a foundation we provide marketing support for your business or brand by building a useful and attractive user experience, managing your content, engagement, communication and reputation and promoting your brand across the network of search and social media users and, more importantly, your future customers!

Simple right? 

Sure it is! Each and every client we work with has one asset in short supply. Time. Time to learn. Time to implement. Time to evaluate. Time to enjoy life more! That’s where we come in. For less than the cost of a part-time employee we’re the hired gun who works smartly to put eyeballs on your brand or business! And lots of them. And that’s what it’s all about…putting your business in front of the right person, at the right time with the right solution! That’s where the magic happens. That’s where sales and profits are made. Are you getting your share? We can help. Give us a call at (843) 682-2212 or email [email protected] to schedule a no obligation, no strings attached, no BS conversation about your businesses potential!

Lead Generation

If your business requires a consistent flow of qualified leads for growth we’ve got your back! 33 Park Media Marketing specializes in cost per lead (CPL) digital marketing services. We deploy sophisticated sales funnels to generate web leads for a ‘cost per lead’ that works for you and us. From 50 leads per week to 5,000 we can deliver. Click here to learn more.

Search Marketing

Search marketing is the old standby when it comes to being found on the web! At 33 Park Media Marketing we drive traffic to your website using a host of white hat techniques available in today’s competitive marketplace. With a combination of organic and paid traffic, 33 Park Media Marketing creates demand for your brand 24/7/365. The sky’s the limit when it comes to targeting the right prospects in the right places. 33 Park Media Marketing puts hands on, practical experience to work for you day in, day out! Get in the game today! Click here to learn more.

Social Marketing

Social media marketing promotes your brand and website through the use of highly targeted prospecting. There are others, but the Facebook is leader in social media marketing innovation and effectiveness. A successful social media marketing strategy will bring brand awareness and interest, improve your online reputation, increase traffic, conversion, ranking and search engine optimization and increase the lifetime value of your customers. At 33 Park Media Marketing, we take a cumulative experience approach to social media marketing with our focus on achieving your goals. Social media marketing has the unique ability increase your exposure and build an active online community translating to infinite opportunities for growth! Get social today! Click here to learn more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the King of one to one communication with your customers and prospects! Using the power of website, search and social media marketing 33 Park Media Marketing builds databases of users uniquely connected to your brand or business. We then communicate with these highly qualified leads on a regular and strategic basis. What could be better than dropping a welcomed message on your customers desktop or mobile device? Spread your message! Take advantage of the power of email marketing today! Click here to learn more.


Your company’s website is essential for successful marketing on the internet! We consider it to be the Mothership of any online marketing effort. Whether you are a service provider sharing information or a more complex online retailer selling countless products, your website is the first and lasting impression you’ll make on your customers. It’s the primary desktop and mobile communication tool between you and more profitable customers too! 33 Park Media Marketing builds and manages websites on a variety of platforms focusing on user experience. Already have a website? No worries. We have experience maintaining and optimizing the most popular platforms on the market today. Click here to learn more.

Consulting and Coaching

So you’re a self-starter? No worries. 33 Park Media Marketing would be glad to share our vast knowledge with you. Need to consult on a website build? We got your back. Struggling to get your SEO on track (aren’t we all!)? Google Adwords fighting back with every click? Want some insight on the power of Facebook Ads targeting? Put our hands on experience to work you and your staff and bring 33 Park Media Marketing on board to get heard! Click here to learn more.