Real Estate Campaign For Generating Leads Training Course


Discover how to set up

a real estate campaign that gets

➡️Real ➡️Crazy Cheap ➡️EXCLUSIVE Leads



👉Get Examples of the Ads

👉Exact Copy To Use

👉The Best Performing Targeting

👉Nothing Will Be Held Back

👉COMPLETE Walk Through From Start To Finish

👉Follow Along, Click By Click

👉Import Your Leads Automatically To Your CRM

👉Easy Cheat Sheet Guide For Creating Your Ads

👉Works In ANY Market, Including Luxury Markets

👉Simple Phone Scripts To Call Your Leads

👉Email Followup Campaign Guidance

👉How To Attract Seller Leads

Course Outline

  • Fast Start Video
  • How To Prepare Your Ad
  • Creating The Lead Form
  • Receiving Notifications Of Leads
  • Creating and Submitting Your Ad
  • What To Do When Your Ad Isn’t Working?
  • Samples Of Ads
  • Retargeting – Reach People A Second Time With A Different Ad
  • Making More Money As A Realtor
  • Advanced Automated Followup
  • What About Seller Leads?