Facebook Video Optimization

By Frank Milbourn

The attached video has been optimized for Facebook posts and ads and can also be shared to YouTube for an SEO boost. Note the custom thumbnail in the beginning of the video with a title header showing the company name, web address and phone number and a still photo representing the home run point of the video. Click the play icon and you’ll also note that captions have been added which allows a viewer to ‘see’ the video message without clicking. This technique dramatically increases the time spent watching your videos! The theory goes that the longer they watch the more interested they will be in a product or service. We can then target people who have watched a certain percentage of the video with additional FB Ads. These are future users who will ask for a company by name! We have also added a website link in the body copy in addition to the built-in ‘Learn More’ link button which gives the viewer more and easier ways to click through and get more information. Again, we track these visitors so that we can target them with a different or similar message later on. Done correctly, optimized Facebook video ads are the best and least expensive method of any top of funnel sales channel. www.33parkmedia.com